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Different accounting systems might come to different results in their calculations of profits. For example, milliken v. Read this essay on Accounting and the German Culture.

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Brief notes on accounting differences with Anglo-Saxon practices. In common with many other mainland European states, accounting in Germany is an integral part of the legal framework, governed by detailed rules set by the state.

The key users of accounting information in Germany have traditionally. A comparison between US GAAP and German HGB.

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Sample Accounting Essay: Differences between Financial and Management Accounting (Demo)

Essays; Accounting; We can help with your essay Find out more. Safe & Trusted. Your UKEssays purchase is secure and we're rated /5 on Sitejabber. Nobes () classifies the German financial reporting system as a ‘Type B (weak equity)’ and The Netherlands as ‘Type A (strong equity)’.

Compare the financial reporting systems of Germany and The Netherlands. National differences have all become stereotypical. Indeed the differences between countries may be vast. German accounting was developed for the objective of supporting management decision making regarding what to produce, how much to price, and how to plan and control operations.

German accounting essay
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