How to write amount in words rupees to dirhams

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What is 3 million in lakhs and crores?

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You need to separate the decimal number and get two separate values one before decimal place and one after it. For example in you get 56 separately and 2 separately and call you words. If i write ₹ 11,12, it should display Eleven Lakh Twelve Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Rupees and Zero Paise.

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Sep 22,  · Please can anyone help me how to convert number to words in Indian format in Crystal Reports. eg. I want to convert Rs,12, as Rupees Twenty Five Lakhs Twelve thousand five hundred and fourty five only.

Converting digits/numbers in words for INR currency (Indian Rupees) in Oracle PL/SQL Below are the two functions for converting numbers/digits to Indian Rupees words. The main function is Rupees. Million - Crore - Lakhs Conversion Calculator. Million Billion Calculator is a number & currency conversion tool to perform the conversion between trillions, billions, millions, crores, lacs, thousands & hundreds.

The number converter performs the conversion between the Indian number system and other international number system.

United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) Currency Exchange Rate Conversion Calculator How to write amount in words rupees to dirhams
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